Subject: Hotels in Florence - Was: Italian Recommendations Wanted
Hi Ira and Jim, The first URL I could find for the Hotel Nizza in Florence is : (although I understand that the one you sent, the Hotel Igea in Padua, is an old favourite. Pity we couldnīt stay there last May).

Jim, last May we stayed at a one-star hotel in Florence, Hotel Il Perseo. We were really happy with it. Quite clean, nice breakfasts, big rooms. Also, my mum and my sister got sick and we couldnīt continue our trip up to Padua. They were really nice (all of them, the management and the girls working in the hotel), and I felt much better knowing that they could help me. Their webpage :

My sister is planning a really hurried trip to Italy for the last two weeks in August. They will be driving, and her idea is to stay for a week in Florence. She was looking for a hotel in the outskirts, with parking and a possible swimming pool, but right now she has decided that she wants to stay in town and be able to walk around without worrying about buses or taxis. The two hotels she is looking into (both of them have offered a garage nearby) are Hotel Porta Faenza ( ) and Hotel Concordia ( ) Iīll let you know if it works out fine.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain