Subject: Re: 26 hours with GoAhead
Cheers, Let me add one more bit of advice to this thread. I would suggest that those people that got socked with those poor flights, send a complaint to the CEO of GoAhead at this site,2585,,00.html When GoAhead put us in a couple of lousy hotels on our trip we sent in a complaint and received 2 vouchers from GoAhead for $75 each off of our next tour with them. Not sure we will use them though. If they can't tell you in advance what flights they will put you on, let them know you will use another tour company, they will probably get the flights for you before you book. I have a travel agent that is very good, he will give you up to 12% off of tour prices for Globus or Cosmos. If you are a seasoned traveler and belong to AARP you can also get an extra $50 per person off of any tour with Cosmos or Globus. (They have tours world wide) Wow, this all brings the cost down a good bit. If you would desire this travel agents name and web site feel free to E mail me and I will be glad to provide it. Happy travels, Doc