Subject: English train fares and Naples FL
Hi Ziners

I wanted to relate to you all the recent adventure that I had booking a train trip in England by calling from the US. I first called Brit Rail, as was suggested to me by the British Tourist Authority office in NYC. Brit Rail quoted me a price of 43 USD for our journey from Bath to London. When I said that seemed a bit steep, and how could I get an advance purchase, or some other discount, fare, Brit Rail told me I would have to call the train company direct.

First Great Western was great to deal with. I got an Apex saver fare by calling them direct for 26.90 USD. I can pick my tickets up at the station from an automated machine with a code they gave me. I have a 10 cents a minute to Britain calling plan, so even with the phone calls I am a big saver on this train trip.

Now, can anyone tell me how I can save on a one way fare on the Gatwick Express?

Thanks to all who responded to my questions on English trains. We leave on August 28 for 11 days and nights, with stops in Wells; Mevagissey, Cornwall; Bath and London. I am really getting excited.

Then on to Naples FL in October for my uncle's 80th birthday. I got great fares on both USAirways and Jet Blue's websites. Good routes and good fares: it makes a traveler happy! Any tips on Naples? We have never been to the West Coast of Florida before.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh