Subject: Re: My Italian Adventure
Hello all, I agree with jp about staying at the Hilton in Rome. After a couple of weeks of Italian hotels as wonderful as they may be, it is relaxing and nice to be in a Hilton. We used a mere 13,000 Hilton points for our night and it was worth lots more in peace of mind. Since it took us an hour to get fuel and find the rental car return - with directions - the night before our departure, I was doubly glad we had done this. Last time we drove in from Santa Severa early in the morning when all the credit card machines were down and we had no lire left, having had to pay the hotel with our last cash stash. By the time we fueled and returned the car, I was a nervous wreck.

I intend to use the same strategy on our trip to France (hopefully) in May.

Take care, Janet Riverview, FL