Subject: Re: Naples, Florida
Hi Debbie, Naples is a friendly city where everyone in the beach greets you with a smile and a Good Morning, it is also a neat kind of Walt Disney city, quaint restaurants and a pleasant tiny downtown.

One thing I have always enjoyed going to Naples from Miami is taking near Naples airboats rides, there are several options along The Tamiani road (US 41), also there is the possibility of more adventurous rides in canoes. I have done both and loved to ride a canoe in the Thousand Islands area. A guide is mandatory. It is a different world, where silence is king, and the vegetation is fantastic.... however you have to be aware that canoes can turn over too (and indeed we had a scary incident long ago but this was in another part of Florida).

Near Naples there is and old little town called Everglades City. The city in itself is not much, but they have an old hotel called The Rod and Gun Club,... where many famous people have stayed (including President Truman) nearby there is a place good for sea food and watching the sunset ... famous stone crabs are fished nearby/Crab season stars around the end of the year so I do not know if you will be in time for them, if you are do not miss them.

North of Naples stands the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel, once we stayed nearby in a pleasant hotel I believe called The Pelican.?.. if you wish I could find the full name for you. It was like a 4 stars, very pleasant place, we bargained a little a got a very decent rate.

I do not know if you will have free time for a GTG??? but I would certainly drive to Naples if you arrange something with Nancy and other Florida Travelziners. (It is only a two hours drive.)

Graziella Miami Beach