Subject: Airline Ticket Refunds (Credit Vouchers)
Hey all,

(Note: I was too lazy to check the archives to see if this subject has been beaten to death.)

I wanted to remind anyone that's bought airline tickets to periodically check to see if their same flight has been reduced in price in one of those seemingly random price wars that the airlines so frequently engage in.

Back in mid-July I bought a couple of round-trip, late-September flights to Paris at an exorbitantly high price, being too chicken to wait for the inevitable sale (our scheduling was pretty inflexible.) Knowing the airlines' tactics, I set up a weekly reminder to check the current price for the same ticket and, lo and behold, this week my tickets were listed at almost $300.00 less per ticket.

I immediately phoned the good folks at United, and they happily forked over a couple of credit vouchers for a total of almost 600 simoleons. Wow!

The key to getting a credit is that you must notify the airline within the same time restrictions as if you were buying the ticket new, i.e., if the fare is based on 21-day advance purchase, you can't call two weeks before.

Of course, United still gets to keep my money and will only have to allow me to put my tush in one of their otherwise empty seats in the future, but I still feel great.

Now, with this found money, should I buy lottery tickets or upgrade my hotel/restaurant choices on the upcoming trip?

Al Sonoma, CA, USA