Subject: GTG in Naples, Florida?
Hi Debbie,I would love too to meet with you all at Naples.

I am amazed that of all the hotels in the area your cousin also suggested the Inn at Pelican Bay ( that is the name...)! I hope you will have a great time in Naples , weather should be very pleasant .

So let me know where and the time and date, and hopefully I shall be there.Hope Nancy and others will be able to attend.

2) regarding buying the train tickets in London, can you give us the telephone number that you called?

What a big difference in the English train tickets when bought directly!!..... .....same for the rest of Europe .-Recently we got a MUCH better price buying directly in Spain, for the train hotel Madrid-Paris, but as far as I know Spain's Renfe doesn't offer a way to buy tickets by phone , best I could do was to make a reservation 3 days ahead. Buying directly we saved a bundle.

Graziella, Miami Beach.