Subject: USA Truck, Rest, RV and weird Stops!
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You should remember that many truck stops (in the USA) are associated with small diners that often serve great food, albeit not of the gourmet type. In these small diners you can often find the best apple pie or whatever happens to be the specialty ( remember Mels diner?) Beyond this, there is not much tourist value in these locations.

Rest stops in America can be dangerous at night so beware!

I read an article recently about the advent of people staying in Wal-Mart parking lots in their RV's, its called boondocking. Here they find a clean location that costs nothing and seems to be friendly towards RV's--where the Wal-Mart employees wake the RVers up when the coffee in on! I expect that a future book on Wal-Mart locations throughout the world is coming. I also hear that Wal-Mart is tent friendly! It cracks me up.....

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