Subject: Re: need S. CA help
Even though I now live in the beautiful Puget Sound region, I grew up in Southern Cal and go back there quite often. The only Swiss type village I can think of in Southern California is Solvang but it is quite a distance from Anaheim. About 3-4 hours of driving. North of Santa Barbara. Of course they can do the usual theme park thing but if they want to see the best of the coast they need to head about 40 minutes south to the art colony at Laguna Beach.

If they are going in the next few weeks there will be at least two art festivals ongoing. The Pageant of the Masters is the biggest. Incredible paintings and sculpture and an nightly show where people actually just pose as grand master paintings. Sounds weird but it is incredible to see. The Sawdust festival will be in full swing as well which is a counter balance to the hoity-toity Pageant. Kind of a hippy showing of cool art, crafts and performance stuff. Both are tons of fun and the city of Laguna is beautiful. Tell them to make sure and walk on the beach right in downtown. A great place.

A little closer to Anaheim is Newport Beach and Balboa Island. Kind of an old-fashioned Coney Island feeling there. They should drive to Newport and then take the 2 car ferry over to Balboa and just walk around then if they like to shop, Newport Fashion Island (about the classiest shopping in the LA area) is just above them. About a five minute drive.

Jim in Redmond, WA