Subject: Re: France Train Travel - Thanks
Hi Ziners

My thanks to everyone who answered my query about French train travel, especially Graziella &Francis. Your information was invaluable. I used the sncf web site that Francis supplied for basic information and the phone number that Graziella provided to make my final arrangements. I wish to add to the information provided to me - note that the direct number to call from Canada is 011 33 892 35 35 35 but if you want an English speaking operator, the number is 011 33 892 35 35 39. We have decided to travel first class and, since our return is from a different location and we are travelling at a peak time, we did not qualify for any discounts whatsoever. But the rate difference was dramatic from what we were quoted from Rail Europe, the source that Toronto travel agents use. We saved $75.00 for each ticket for each direction, for a total of $300.00 for the two of us - we are thrilled. So my suggestion to everyone is - do not buy through your travel agent or through Rail Europe. Use the sncf web site or the direct line. Now let's hope that the tickets are actually waiting for us upon our arrival!!!!!

Felice Toronto, Ontario