Subject: Re: Paris, France
Hi Graziella,

Towels and sheets are provided. Frankly, I am not sure they changed the sheets very often. However, they did say if we needed clean towels, etc., they would be available.

As far as cleanliness, it was clean when we arrived ;-)

We did get cleaning service about once per week while we were there but daily tidying was up to us.

I rather enjoyed the spartan nature of the large room - just a few plates, wine glasses, etc. You had to clean up after meals or there wouldn't be dishes for the next one. Lots of storage (low Ikea chests) and hooks in the hall - no closet. Small table for meals. There were some travel guides in the room including a new Michelin and the new edition of Cheap Eats.

We cooked simple foods - omelets, Salade Nicoise, take out gourmet foods. No microwave but there was a two burner hot plate and fridge and an electric kettle. No air conditioning, I think, but there was cross ventilation and outside blinds. Our kitchen garbage was collected on cleaning day but we also took some down to the trash can ourselves.

There is a laundromat around the corner, the Bateau Lavoir. We loved the historic name (recalling the wash boats on the Seine). There was another one too. There is a convenience store down the block and a bank across the street. Great restaurants within walking distance. I talk about them in my online travelogue.

However, for 55 euros per night for two of us in a good location with kitchen corner, well....!

One last point - it is a Zen centre and is quiet. They do take children, according to their Website. On weekends or the occasional weekday evenings when the meditation room by the front door was in use, we tried to come in quietly.

One or two other Travelziners have stayed there. Perhaps they could comment.

If you want hotel services, this isn't for you. They have the studio apartments to fund the centre. The principal host, Grazna Perl is an artist and a Zen master. (Sorry, I may not have the terms right since I am not very familiar with Zen). This suited us because we wanted to be able to cook an occasional meal and I didn't want to spend a bundle. Great bakeries nearby too!

Frances Toronto, Canada