Subject: Re: Southwest trip planning
Dear Jane, I took my nephew on a trip though Colorado, Utah and the North rim of the Grand Canyon. Utah totally surprised me. My circle was K.C, Kansas, Colorado,Utah,Grand Canyon,New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas in 10 days. I would suggest you plan to spend more time in all of Utah and Colorado and less time in Florida since you live in Florida. San Antonio can be done in two days. Will you try to go in a circle? I have to stop and look at my map. The south rim is much easier to visit. But, I loved Zion National park the best. Then northeast from there, follow state highways to the rest of the national parks of Utah to the Arches. Cross the stateline to Grand Junction Colorado, South to Mesa Verde and then east to the Sand dunes South to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are two highways between Taos and Santa Fe with many craft/art/rug shops to visit. You can spend several days here alone. The city of Chimayo is very interesting. The way home from here is up to you and your time. Sincerely, Wilma