Subject: Re: Quebec City & Montreal
Hi Michele:

Are you aware that the Hotel Dominion 1912 has a sister (or soeur in this case) hotel in Montreal? It's a wonderful boutique hotel steps away from St. Catherine Street - Montreal's main downtown street. The location is wonderful - even better than Old Montreal.

Old Montreal is great to visit for the day but I would prefer to be in a generally more populated area. At night it gets rather dark and somewhat deserted except for diners seeking great food. I suggest that you see Old Montreal during the day - for an afternoon. There's lots to see by walking the streets and perhaps having lunch or dinner there. After that return to the heart of the city.

The name of the hotel that I am suggesting is Hotel St. Germain. My husband and I found it by accident. We were there for a professional meeting and couldn't get into the convention hotel. It turned out that we had far better accommodations than those who stayed at the meeting hotel (which I think was the Hilton). If you stay at the Hotel St. Germain, I am confident that you will love it. It's truly special.

Montreal and Quebec City are wonderful places to visit. Enjoy! If you have any questions about Montreal I would be happy to help. I grew up there and still miss it (I'm now a Torontonian).

All the best, Minna