Subject: Southwest Trip Planning - Thanks!
Thanks to all who so promptly responded. Tomorrow, Monday, my husband and I will dedicate the day to making the initial trip plan. All of the input and the web sites have given us a good head start toward decision making. As I said we plan to leave Tuesday, September 3 and return home on or about Sunday, November 3. We plan to take an easy trip out with our travel trailer stoping in the Panhandle, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas (allowing 1 1/2 weeks) then 5 weeks in NM, AZ, UT and CO. We want to do a loop out in the SW starting in North NM, South CO, South UT, North AZ and then the return trip--South AZ, South NM, Texas, etc. I just returned from Barnes and Noble with books on the SW, Texas, and the South to help us along with ideas. When we finalize our plans (including our RV campgrounds) I'll send them along to the group. Our plan is to spend more time in one town and take day trips so picking the right stop over is important. We tow our travel trailer with a four wheel drive truck so we're looking forward to leaving our trailer at the campground and heading out in a different direction everyday! Thanks again. I'm going to start reading my stack of books ;0)

With kindest regards, Jane, Boca Raton