Subject: Re: Travel Gifts?
Dear Elizabeth, and Ziners,

While what I would want for a travel gift would not be exactly what I would recommend for a Peace Corps volunteer ( God bless her!), I did have a couple of ideas.

Since books are up your alley and mine, what about a specific book concerning travel in the area she is going to, or its history, people, cultures,etc?

Also, the first thing that popped into my head for travel to a poor, hot, nation was a piece or two of wicking clothing, socks, etc or Cool Max (sp?) or something of the sort. Something sturdy, easy to wash and dry, light, etc.

For me, I would like some really elegant luggage. I dream of the stuff in the catalogues, but I shop at the discount stores! TravelSmith shows a rolling carry on that has a special piece made to fit in the wheel carriage. I love that!!

Ciao, Debbie