Subject: Re: Worlds Best Truck and Rest Stops
Hi to James and all,

I am SO glad that this thread came up -- if only so James could do his research and enlighten all of us on the subject. Never having been to Oz, but always having wished that I might go, I now feel that I have a wonderfully candid impression of most of the country. I can hardly wait to get there (assuming I live long enough). Now, if James would meet with his obviously astute friends and dream up a way to zap me there in no more than 5 or 6 hours, I'll check out some of those unique establishments on my own. Sounds truly fascinating.

In all seriousness, James, I thank you for a very entertaining post. You just made my day. You may be sure I've made a printout for my files on Aus/NZ for that dreamed-of time when I get there. BTW, no place is supposed to be that much larger than TX.

Knowing you must have happy travels,

Lou, Lakeway, TX