Subject: Re: Travel Gifts?
Hi Elizabeth,

I think considering where your friend is going, and the circumstances (not your usual pleasure trip), I would like things that add a little luxury and feminity to her daily life, without adding a lot of weight to her luggage, i.e., sachets in paper wrappers, scents for the bath, maybe some especially pretty lingerie that would be cool and easily laundered, even a small makeup kit that's easy to pack or solid cologne (it lasts forever and doesn't spill or take up much room). L'Occitane makes one I love for about $8.50. I know a young woman who has been in the Peace Corps for years, and she would love these things.

A big thumbs up to your friend. We so need young people willing to do these things in faraway places.

A fellow Ziner in hot, humid Texas,

Lou (Lakeway, TX)