Subject: U.S. Interstate 90 Tolls
Hi Ziners.

I hope this subject qualifies for the Travelzine - I realize it is not exactly glamourous!

I am in Toronto, and am going to be renting a car to visit a friend in the U.S. in a few weeks. Looking at my map, the quickest route includes travelling along U.S. Interstate 90 through New York State. It appears to be a toll highway. I don't have any experience with these types of roads since here in Ontario we only have one, which I never use, and you can either pre-pay to use it, or you will be billed afterwards - however, if you take this highway with a rental car there is a surcharge. I don't want to take Interstate 90 and then find out there's a nasty surcharge from Avis on my credit card.

How does one pay for Interstate 90? Is there a manned toll booth on the on-ramp/offramp? Or a machine? If so, do they take credit cards or only coins?

To those experienced drivers of such roads, these might sound like silly questions! I'm the first to admit I'm naive about this sort of stuff.


-Will Toronto