Subject: Re: Bangkok Questions
Hi Dan, (hello Judy)

As usual Judy is spot on, I suppose that comes partly from being on the spot, or at least a lot closer to it than us. I second every suggestion and would add Lakmuang Shrine where a pillar with magical properties and the power to grant wishes marks the centre of the city. Supplicants make wishes for fertility and a winning ticket in the National Lottery, I will leave you to guess what we wished for. Traditional Thai dance and drama's take place on a tiny stage with the performers paid by people who's wishes have been granted. Just did a search and it seems that Erawan, Lakmuang and City Pillar Shrine are all one and the same .

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is interesting having been decorated with mosaics of broken crockery. Not for those with vertigo!

You must take a long tail boat around the klongs.

The Oriental will ferry you across the river on a lovely old barge, shades of Noel Coward. They have or had a cooking school which serves a banquet accompanied by traditional Thai dance. It's expensive by comparison with other meals you may have in the city but worth every penny.

If you need to chill out after Bangkok you could take a day out to Erawan National Park. It is 200K North West of Bangkok but combines very nicely with an overnight visit to Kanchanaburi. There is a series of waterfalls, seven, I think. The lower ones are typically crowded but if you climb to the more remote falls you may find yourself almost alone to bathe under a sparkling shower.

When you go to the Palace do try to get there as they open, it's cooler and much less crowded. Likewise if you are tempted by the floating markets. I wouldn't go if I couldn't get there ahead of the tour buses.

There are lots of photos and info. on our website if you care to visit.

Have a wonderful trip. Regards from Toronto. Sue