Subject: Introduction - New member in Milan, Italy
Forwarded by moderator - Welcome, Flavio G. !

Hello from Italy.

I'm a 45-year old journalist and publisher living in Milan. I specialize in travel writing and photography: A job born out of a passionate love for travel. In the past I have been an airline executive and, before that, a tour planning officer for a major tour operator.

I have travelled extensively (but never enough!) in the Americas, India, Indonesia, North Africa, and - of course - several European countries. Some of my travelling has been with press tours, and some for business. But what I enjoy most is being out on my own to discover the - still many - unknown corners of the world.

So I have a fairly good knowledge of several sides of travel: From the commercial package tour in de luxe hotels to the most uncomfortable trek with makeshift accommodation.

Recently I am redescovering the long-neglected joy of mountain trekking, particularly in the Alps.

Hoping to join your community,

Flavio Grassi Milan Italy