Subject: Floods - Prague, Austria, Germany
For those of you in areas that may not have much news coverage on this, be advised that Prague is under water. They have had the worst rain and flooding since records have been kept. Over 50,000 have been evacuated and much of the city is underwater. There is no time estimate of when the water may recede as it has just recently stopped raining with more in the forecast The scenes are incredibly devastating and there is fear that the flood damage will ruin building structures as well as contents.

In the same vein, there have been major flooding in southern Austria and Germany too. There have been 7 related deaths in Austria and 88 in the Czech Republic. Some homes are totally submerged in water.

Budapest, though also on the Danube has not been troubled yet. The river is rising, but there have not been any concerns about flooding doing any damage or causing any delays. We did have a few days of problems in the spring when the river rose and flooded a couple of streets causing bridges to close. As of now, we are wet, but safe. The weather has been unreal. A couple of weeks ago, we had near 100 degree weather and air conditioning is as rare as hen's teeth. Not even the malls are air conditioned to the point that you would notice. Last week, it was in the 80's, humid, but bearable. This week we have had torrential rains and wind that is enough to blow you down. Today it seems to have calmed a bit. Hopefully, this will be the new trend for the rest of the summer.

Ryan James