Subject: RE: Independent Travel in Asia
Welcome Sylvie!

As Sue said - most Asian countries are safe for the independent traveller .... and, of course, the more heavily touristed places are the easiest in which to travel. For instance - many rural areas of China are challenging simply because there are few people who speak English BUT Beijing, Xi'ian, Shanghai, etc. are much easier.

I'd suggest that you choose the type of experience you would most like and narrow down your choices with some research. For instance (some 'off-the-top-of-my-head' thoughts):

History and culture - Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore Beaches and relaxing - Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Philippines Diving - Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines City/night life - Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok Hiking, parks and wildlife - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong (believe it or not),

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions once you''ve narrowed things down a bit - always pleased to hear from those who want to come over to my part of the world :)

Cheers, Judy (a Canadian) in Hong Kong