Subject: Re: Boutique Hotels Seattle and Denver?
I have been trying to get a chance to weigh in on this topic but business gets in the way.

Even though I live in a suburb of Seattle, my bride and I will often get a room at a boutique type hotel downtown when we have tickets to a concert or a play. Here's some places we have stayed or are planning on staying and have researched:

The W: The coolest hotel in Seattle. There is nothing more I can say about it but it is cool! It's where the big stars stay if they aren't at the Four Seasons. Great rooms, tons of amenities and fairly high prices to go along with it. But we love it. Good restaurant (Earth and Ocean) in the hotel.

Inn at the Market: Seattle's biggest tourist attraction has its own hotel. Why not stay right in the Pike Place Market. Very cool place and not as spendy as the W.

The Alexis: We have stayed there but the rooms were only so-so and if you get a window on the street, it can be noisy.

The Four Seasons: This ain't roughing it. It's a chain but it is the quintisential (sic) Seattle Hotel. The history is great.

Hotel Vintage Park: Very nice but on the edge of downtown.

The Edgewater: This hotel is actually out, over the water in Elliot Bay. Right next to the cruise terminal. The Beatles stayed here in 1965 but it has been recently remodeled and redone. Very nice. They say in the sixites, they gave you a fishing line and you could drop it right outside your window and reel in your dinner and the chef would cook if for you. I have never met anyone who actually did this, but their remodel is really nice.

I want to again recommend No, I don't own stock but we just got the coolest boutique hotel for a weekend getaway next weekend in SF at the Diva for next to nothing through this site and we have booked some other great stuff for Portland as well.

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond, WA