Subject: Re: Hotel in Milan, access to Cadorna or Stazione Centrale
Hello Callie and Jan,

I just realized that all the ZINERs from Milan are probably away for ferragosto. It is also sometimes more useful for a non-resident to answer these kinds of questions, and for a while I was travelling in and out of Milan several times a year, so here goes.

IF you are just using Milan to overnight between arrival at the Central Station and transfer to Malpensa (or vice versa), I prefer to stay near the Central Station and use the Pullman coach that runs every 20 minutes between the Station and the airport. There are several nice hotels right across the street from where the bus stops at the Station, and even at night I don't think the 2 minute walk to any of these would raise safety questions. When I want comfort and modern amenities, I prefer the Hotel Michelangelo, a modern high-rise hotel diagonally across the street from the bus stop. Price might range anywhere from $125 to $250, depending on occupancy. This includes a fantastic breakfast buffet, that will feed you for an entire day. They offer rooms on multiple discount hotel websites, so it's worth poking around a little. Tel: (011)-(39)-02-67551. I repeat that the rooms here are very, very comfortable.

Catching the bus FROM the airport to the Central Station couldn't be easier. As you exit Customs Control, directly across the concourse is the bus (and railroad) ticket office. Be sure to ask them where to catch the bus out on the sidewalk. There are several stops outside, usually marked with a little sign where each bus is headed, but it pays to confirm this both inside at the counter, and outside with the driver.

There is a direct metro line running between the Central and the Cadorna Stations, as well as a metro connection from the Central Station to the historical center (La Piazza del Duomo.) So, if you will have any time at all to see a little of Milan, then it might be worth it try to stay near the Cadorna Station, since it is within walking distance of the Duomo. It is also very close to the church, Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses The Last Supper fresco. Nevertheless I do not know of any hotels within EASy walking distance, with luggage, of the Cadorna station. You would probably have to negotiate a short taxi or metro ride to get to your hotel, and this is why I like staying up near the Central Station when just coming in and out of the city.

Oddly enough, the train to and from Malpensa has always taken me longer than the bus. It always seems as if there is a 30 or 40 minute wait for the next train departure, while the busses are always ready to go. The bus is also about half the price of the train.

The train depot at Malpensa is downstairs, past the rental car offices. A train schedule for the Ferrovie Nord Milano which services Cadorna can be found at:

Hope this helps, Joel in Chicago