Subject: Introduction - New Member in Vancouver!
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Helio!


I Have lived in or travelled to the following countries : Brazil, USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), Mexico, Peru, all of Western Europe (with few exceptions), Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Iran, China (including Hong-Kong), Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

At the end of September we are going to Hamburg, Paris and Berlin. I have visited these cities before but my partner has not. Since I have not been back to these cities for many years, it will be interesting to observe the changes and the new things to see. When I spent two months in Berlin, it was still divided, so it will be great to be able to see a united Berlin. In Paris, even though I have been there several times, I still have a lot to see and plan to visit places I have not been yet and return to others. In Hamburg, since I am visiting friends, the experience is a little different than just been a tourist...

We have reserved apartments in Paris and Berlin, through the internet, and I hope all will workout well! I could report it on my return. It seemed more economical to do this and have more of a feel as one who lives there, besides the convenience of a kitchen, without having to eat out at every meal.

Well, that's all for now. All the best, Helio, Vancouver, BC, Canada