Subject: Introduction - New Member in Portugal!
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Ricardo!


My name is Ricardo Correia Duarte and I'm from Porto, Portugal. I am 29, married, 1 son.

I love to travel. In thelast few years I've been in several east european countries (chec republic, hungary, romenia, slovenia, slovakia), in Italy and in Brasil.

You can see some photographs of Italy and Brasil in my website

Presently i'm building an online guide to Porto, with a local flavour. That is, not listing the best restaurants and hotels or the most popular places for a tourist to see. Instead, telling which places i go, what hotels I consider to be more friendly and authentic, giving away some portuguese recipes, etc.

In the next years to come, I pretend to visit Palma de Maiorca and maybe England/Ireland.

Best regards,

Ricardo Correia Duarte