Subject: Re: Good Press for Pittsburgh
Dear Ziners

Well, I am happy to see the good press for Pittsburgh. If you come, and if you want a sandwich at Primanti Brother's, try two of my favorites: capacolla and kielbassa. Both of these are delicious. I don't know anyone who orders the burger patty, and until I read this article, I didn't even know they had a burger offering!

Primanti's sandwiches are definetly worth a try. There is an outpost at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, so if you can't make it to Pittsburgh, you can try one there. I love them, and only allow myself this treat once in a great while, because they are loaded with fat and cholesterol. But very very yummy.

Primanti's is quite popular after the bars close, and the lines at 2 AM on the weekend are phenomenal.

About the rest of the story: Pittsburg(h)ers are very friendly and generally polite. It is great to see this positive story and I hope it can help us. We are a struggling city and we do have some good things to offer. The airport is indeed very nice. The symphony, the views, the parks, the rivers, etc. are all worthwhile for a tourist as well as for locals.

I'm glad to have read this. Thanks, Don and Linda. Ciao, Debbie (10 days to England, but who is counting?)