Subject: Re: Pacific Coast Highway Trip Planning
Dear KS

You wrote asking for oceanfront hotel and restaurant recommendations for Big Sur, Carmel, or Pacific Grove.

I don't know about Pacific Grove and Carmel, but I do know that Big Sur does not have an oceanfront hotel or restaurant. Post Ranch Inn has some sea views but it is not on the beach and it is VERY expensive.

When you think of Big Sur, think of woods, cliffs, waterfalls, redwoods, hiking and beaches that are beautiful but not in a flat, sunny way. The weather at the ocean can be windy and the surf is often rough.

We always stay at The Big Sur Lodge which has a nice swimming pool, a family friendly restaurant and good hiking trails. It is inside the Julia Pfeiffer State Park. Here is a link:

The restaurant Nepenthe also has some sea views. I am sending you a link to a page of information and further links for Big Sur:

Big Sur is a camping and hiking sort of place, rather than a beach area. And there is not really a town at all. We love it for its peace and beauty. There is a lot of good food, but many of the restaurants are not suitable for families, especially those at Ventana and Post Ranch, where the prices are sky high.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh