Subject: Re: Venice and Rome in December
Hello Fernando

Sorry for delay in answering but I was out of town for a few days; our resident Rome ziner is still on holiday, I guess, so I'll try to answer for him too. As fas as my knowledge, Rome is not very cold or rainy in winter; maybe Roman girls love to wear fur coats, but it's not like in Northern Italy. Venice is a different thing beacuse of the high humidity which makes you feel colder than it actually is. Fog in Venice is very romantic but you need warm clothes and a cap to prevent colds. High tides happen in fall and winter, but you usually get advanced notice. While Sunday is holiday everywhere, it's no more like some London Sundays I recall from my youth :-) In tourist places like Venice or Rome you always found some shops or department stores open, as well as restaurants and bars, except the ones which cater to working people out of offices for their breaks. The choice isn't of course as wide as on working days, but you won't starve or be unable to spend your money!


Paolo Trieste, Italy