Subject: Counterfeit Euro bills
Hi Ziners, Iīd like to alert you about a scam that happened yesterday to my sister and her boyfriend near Monaco. They stopped at a petrol station on their way back to Cannes. My sister paid with a 100 Euro bill, and the change was given to her folded many times. When she got back to the car, the boyfriend realized that the 50 Euro bill given to them was a counterfeit. They hadnīt started driving, so they went back to the attendant, who denied having given the false bill. When they went to the police, the policeman shrugged his shoulders and said that the same thing could have happened in Spain.

The bills are really well done, and my sister says that she wouldnīt have realized it, but her boyfriend owns a bar and he has seen a few of these bills (luckily, he has always found out). The only thing that could have alerted her is the fact that the bill were tightly folded, and thatīs a bit strange when the shop assistant is giving you the change.

So, be careful and check the change given to you (and remember that the Euro has also good things...).

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain