Subject: little travelogue - Zeeland
Hi Ziners!

A short travelogue about my little vacation...

Since I started working less than 2 months ago, I didn't have any holiday, but you may know that everything in Italy closes at mid August including companies, so I had a forced holiday last week!

I couldn't go too far, so combining the extremely cheap rates to Brussels with my love for Holland, I decided to visit Zeeland: the southern province of the Netherlands. Zeeland is mainly a beach province, so I was looking forward to relax on a nice beach rather than doing sightseeing or else... and fortunately the weather was on my side since I had a nice, warm and sunny week!

As I said above, I flew to Brussels and met a friend from the Bonn area in Germany. We drove to Renesse, a young town on the Dutch coast, and suddenly we found a town fest! We went to a camping, put our tent up and got to town... we had some typical Dutch food (as Frikandel Special :o) ) and some good wit beer (I love it!). The beach was nice too, and rather than relax we had the idea of walking to Hamstede... with the return walk it should have been about 10Km!!!

After a couple of days we moved to the Vrouwenpolder area, passing through the Delta Expo. My friend left, and I went to the camping alone, but looking forward to meet other German friends staying also in that area. The camping was nice, but terribly expensive, furthermore crowded with German families and kids.... a recent statistic said that tourist operators are afraid of Italian kids the most, but spend a couple of days with those Barbarian German kids and tell me again! It seems they especially loved the ground in front of my tent for playing and screaming at 8 in the morning!!!

BTW, as it wasn't enough, I walked a lot on the beach: from Vrouwenpolder to Oostkapelle and Domburg... my feet still ache!

After that, I went to Middelburg for a day, to meet in person a Dutch friend I knew from a Formula 1 car race chat, then moved to Antwerpen (Belgium) where I found a big market in the center and along the Schelde river! The city was overcrowded and looking different from the last time I saw it!

Finally, back to Brussels, some shopping (wit beer of course!), and back home :o( This vacation has been too short, and I already look forward to having another one soon... it should be Oktoberfest in about 5 weeks!

Ciao Flavio in Rome