Subject: Bottled Gas
Hi to all! I missed the postings while on vacation for 2 months. We traveled in the Southeast this summer, but we're already making our plans for Europe next summer. We hope to return to some of our favorite countries to finish up some sites we missed the first (or second) time: Italy, France, Germany &Austria, plus we hope to add Ireland for the first time.

I have two questions, the first about Ireland. I know that some of you have recently traveled there, but my wife wants to know if it is 'safe' to visit all of Ireland now-a-days?

The second question has to do with the fact that we camp in Europe (the states also). Is it possible to get the Coleman type bottled gas? It seems like I saw them in the super stores in France, but I just don't remember for sure? Last year we purchased a small burner and used electricity to make our meals. I was wondering if I could take our small grill and use bottled gas.

Any assistance on either question would be appreciated!

Glad to be back on board!

Wil & Elizabeth Orlando, FL