Subject: Myers / Moller Europe Trip
Hi to all those wonderful travellers.

I would like to thank all those wonderful travellers out there who continue to give great advise from lessons learned and things worth seeing. As our first trip to Europe is only 4 weeks away we are starting to get really excited and finally plans are coming together with a lot of help from information posted and personnel emails. Our original schedule has been changed somewhat from the initial wish list. Currently we leave Sydney Australia on the 20th Sept. arriving Frankfurt on the 21st. From there the only booking we have is to be in Paris for an illuminations tour on Thursday the 26th. We will be visiting Amsterdam and Bruges on our way there. We will also be travelling to Rome, Venice and then going up through Austria and Switzerland before leaving from Frankfurt on the 18th Oct. So with no definite time to be anywhere we will be travelling and site seeing as the mood on the day dictates. I will keep you updated as things progress and once again to all thanks for the great information. Michael Sydney Australia