Subject: Malta to Pescia, Italy
Hello again Ziners,

I am looking for some expert advice on travelling from Malta to Pescia (near Lucca), Italy.

The travel agent recommends flying from Malta to Roma, then on to Pisa and taking the train to Pescia from Pisa.

The alternative seems to be flying Malta to Roma, taking the train from Fiumicino to the central station, then a fast train Roma-Firenze, and a local train from Firenze to Pescia. (Train travel time about 3 and a bit hours.)

The factors to be weighed up are: 1. The layover at Rome (about 3 hours) between the incoming Malta flight and the outgoing Pisa flight, plus the changeover to train from Pisa airport - compared with - 2. The connections from Fiumicino to the central city and the changes of train in Rome and Florence.

Would greatly appreciate any informed views, along with any Must do recommendations in both the Malta and Pescia areas. Have scanned the archives for Malta and noted the tips already there but I note that several people have visited in recent times and given only brief reports, so might have something to add.

Cheers, Joan Melbourne, Australia