Subject: Re: Malta to Pescia, Italy
Ciao Joan!

I don't think it is worth flying Rome to Pisa: the flight itself is shorter than 30 minutes, and you have to consider the boarding and luggage claim times, plus the layover in Rome. Plus, I don't know about the connection between Pisa airport and station, but from Pisa to Pescia there are a few direct trains (taking almost a hour) and several connections with a change in Viareggio (taking about 2 hours).

On the other hand, the train to Termini takes 30 minutes, the train to Florence is shorter than 2 hours, and the local train to Pescia takes about a hour.

I would stop in Rome and continue by train, saving both time and money. For the train schedule see also in English and other languages.

Ciao Flavio in Rome

PS: you should stop in Rome for some time... wanna come and not have a GTG???