Subject: Gelato (and restaurants) in Florence
Hi all,

I have just had a phone call from my sister. They arrived yesterday safely to Florence, didnīt have a problem parking their car and finding the hotel (she says that it looks much better than in the webpage ), and even got a room with a view, the Campanile.

Well, now her question. She had decided to find out if Vivoli is open (ice-cream is an essential survival commodity), and when they have arrived there, it was closed down. The poor baby was almost destroyed. Do you know of any other favourite place in Florence, so I can tell her and she can have her daily ration?

Also, I am sending her a list of restaurant recommendations (in case she forgot to pack them), but if any of you has been in Florence in August, and knows of a good place, Iīd love to be able to send it to her.

And talking about other things, they have witnessed a robbery and the inmediate reaction of the people. They were near the Duomo, and a small man took the rucksack from a guy who was carrying it only on one shoulder. Straight away, the victim and people surrounding him have run after the thief, and have got back the rucksack (and also beaten the hell out of the thief). Apart of that, they are enjoying their first day a lot.

Thanks a lot, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain