Subject: RE: Bottled Gas

The Camping Gaz cylinders are designed, I believe, to attach to the device you wish to fuel. I thought the query was for the type of refillable cylinder from which one pours the fuel into a device. Maybe I read it wrong! Like Paolo, I suspect the fittings in the European Camping Gaz version may not fit the US made device.

Anyway, neither option can be carried or packed full on a plane these days! Empty's ok, but the metal tube does look like an explosive device in xray!

One of my backpacker buddies uses an old soda can into which he has put a liquid reservoir for spirit fuel. Too scary for me! I use a little whisper lite stove into which I pour the liquid fuel which I carry in a separate metal cylinder. It's a finickly little thing, taking lots of fiddling at high altitude or windy conditions. But very light.

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