Subject: Oz GTG
Hello all,

Belatedly, I thought that I should report briefly on an INFORMAL Zine GTG in Melbourne, Australia, a couple of weeks ago.

Informal because - many apologies, Linda - nobody took a camera along to record the inaugural event. And this from a small group that included a professional photographer (not that I am dobbing, Patrick!).

We managed a delightful dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Melbourne, fitted in on the one and only evening that would accommodate everyone's travel commitments, attended by Patrick Horton (between trips to Vietnam and India, where he is currently) and friend Christine, and Margaret and Ken McLeod (now jetting about the UK), plus a couple of my visiting Italian friends (before we left for Sydney, with them continuing on to Central Australia).

Given our collective lapse in the camera stakes, we have agreed to repeat the GTG on Patrick's return from India, the McLeod's return from the UK and Italy, and my return from Europe - next time, complete with Patrick's camera and photographic talents.

Cheers all, Joan Melbourne, Australia