Subject: Re: Argentina
Hi Rosemary,

By all means go to Argentina. We were there Oct./Nov. of last year and absolutely loved it. At the time the Argentine peso was still pegged to the U.S. dollar (one to one) with costs (food, lodging, etc.) approximately the same. Now, as Graciela has mentioned, a visit would be much less expensive. Plus, spending your tourist dollar (euro, yen, etc.) in Argentina is one thing we individuals can do to improve their economic plight. Pay with cash as much as possible. In fact, your hotel may give you a reduced rate for cash payment. Ours did.

Remember Buenos Aires is a HUGE city! Over nine million inhabitants and it sprawls along the shores of the Rio de la Plata. We focused on the center of the city and feel like we barely scratched the surface. I'll get my notes out and post a short review of our activities.

As for Iguasu. Go, go go! We tend to focus our travels towards visiting this planet's natural wonders and I have to choose the Falls as the most impressive sight so far. The sound, smell, feel, of Iguasu is all-encompassing. Two suggestions on planning for Iguasu: First, make sure you get a visa to enter Brazil so that you can view the Falls from that side, we did not and I regret it; second, arrange for your flights to and from Iguasu before going down to Argentina. I thought I'd be able to find cheaper flights after arriving in Buenos Aires which was not the case. We almost missed our chance to go because these flights fill up. And now, after having seen the Falls I can understand why.

Our visit last year to Argentina and Chile has now moved into the number one slot as my wife's favorite vacation. Argentina has so much to offer in natural beauty. In addition to Buenos Aires and Iguasu we visited Peninsula Valdes, Punta Tomba, and El Calafate with its Perito Moreno Glacier. With so much more to see we'll definitely be going back soon.

In fact, South America (actually all of Latin America) seems to me to be a great value currently for travel. We'll probably be headed to Central America next spring (El Salvador and Honduras) although Venezuela, in particular its Margarita Island in the Carribean and the tepuis (table rock mountains) of the Orinoco rain forest are making the choice difficult.

John in San Diego