Subject: Re: Egypt - Asking for Trouble?
Hello Colleen,

Egypt is a country for which tourism is a main income, so you can be assured the government takes all efforts to make tourists feel safe. However the country itself is very big and not all areas are ok. If you plan to stick to standard tourist places like the upper Nile valley, from Aswan to Luxor, and the usual tourist spots in Cairo, like the Pyramides, the Egyptian museum, the Bazar, you'll find lot of tourists along to blend into. Even if it can be relatively expensive, a cab driver would probably take you around avoiding hot spots. Maybe you could also consider dressing more conservatively than you could do in a non-Muslim tropical country (long skirts, no shorts or tops) and take with you (or better buy it there, they can be wonderful) a light silk scarf to cover your head like many Egyptian women do. In any case, but that's a suggestion good for everywhere, try to look uncospicuous both for appearance and behavior and associate, when possible, with other travellers, regardless of their nationality.

enjoy your trip

Paolo Trieste, Italy