Subject: Re: Giverny
We went to Giverny in June. It was wonderful, well worth the trip. Here's what I wrote in my travelogue:

Richard, Chris, Anne and I took the train to Vernon from Gare St. Lazare. Trains are not frequent but take only 45 minutes. The ticket seller gave us a leaflet which outlines trains and the connecting bus to Giverny. It also mentioned typical taxi fare.

The train was crowded and we were worried about the queue at the gardens. We found a sign which said Tete de taxi, I think. One other couple lined up behind us while most of the crowd milled around looking for the bus. The taxi ride was quite quick, about 10 minute drive and cost 14 euros which is more expensive than the bus but reasonable for 4 of us.

The gardens were crowded but that did not spoil our visit. Not even a 45 minute wait to buy our tickets could do that! We spent quite a lot of time admiring the water lily pond, the chinese bridge, the more traditional cottage garden. I tried to get Monet-like photos of the reflected light and plants. Then we visited the house where Monet lived for many years. Clos Normande is evidently a typical farmhouse. The best room was a warm yellow dining room with blue patterned china on the shelves. Lovely. All in all, a great day out and well worth the trip. No wisteria on the bridge, though - too early, I guess.

We went to the American museum cafe down the road for a late lunch. Great salads, reasonable price, lovely location in a garden under a vine covered patio but SLOW service. There seemed to be only one waiter serving outside.

The garden at the American museum was lovely too, especially the white beds with white varieties of a half-dozen different plants. Behind the museum was a wild flower meadow strewn with bright red poppies and blue corn flowers. The back wall of the museum lobby was glass and the meadow looked like an Impressionist painting.

We decided to take the bus back to the train station. It leaves from the tour bus parking lot and there is a sign. It cost 1,90 for each person, each way. It was very crowded but most people got seats which was not true on the train. The four of us had to stand the whole journey to Paris. I joked we should ask for our train fare back. If we had been traveling first class, I assume we would have got a seat. The second class fare was reasonable - 73.60 euros total for the four of us. One way the fare was # blue# and the other, the fare was #white# and there was a slight difference in cost.

Frances Toronto, Canada