Subject: Re: Giverny
Helio asked:

> My partner would like to go to Giverny. I know we can catch a train
> from Gare St.-Lazare in Paris to Vernon and apparently there is a bus
> going to Giverny.

We took the train and bus to Giverny on our recent trip to Europe. The train ride is quite pleasant and the bus is there to meet the trains and take people out to Giverny. However, the buses coming back are less convenient. If you check out the website (, it has all of the bus times listed. The buses go at different times on different days, so you need to check the timetable carefully. We found that there were not any buses coming back in time for the train we had booked.

The other way to get there or back is by taxi, but again you have to wait at Giverny and hope that one comes to take you back to town. There did not seem to be any system for calling taxis to get them to come out. We tried walking back but found that it was a lot further than we expected - we ended up flagging down a taxi and just managed to get to the train on time. My suggestion is to plan your train times around the bus timetable.

The gardens were beautiful.

Peter Canberra, Australia