Subject: Travel to London, Amsterdam, Germany, Vienna and possibly Budapest + Weather.
Hello Ziners,

Our computer crashed and had to be replaced. Between this, and our recent travels we have been away from the board for some time. Am just catching up on the old messages. Doug, thanks for worrying.

We are finalizing plans for our upcoming trip to Europe. Our travel dates are: London 9/17 - 9/22; Amsterdam 9/23 - 9/27; Viking River cruise through Holland, Germany, and Austria 9/26 -10/8; Vienna 10/8 - 10/13; return to London 10/14 - 10/15; 10/16 Flight home. Is anyone available for a GTG?

Now for my questions. Is it possible to visit Budapest, or possibly Prague, from Vienna in a day? Since we were able to use Hilton Honor points for our Vienna stay, we will use as a home base while in Austria. Any suggestions for affordable restaurant, coffee houses, pastry shops in Vienna. Any must sees, not to be missed sites? Websites where I can purchase tickets to the Opera, a recital, or concert?. I have found several with information, but no portal to purchase tickets. We would also like to rent a car and explore the area around Vienna, any suggestions?

Also, what kind of weather can I expect for the entire trip?. My estimate is between 45 and 65 degrees. Does this sound right.

A memory in the making.

Edna in New Jersey