Subject: Re: Egypt - Asking for Trouble?
Hi Colleen,

I never been in Egipt but I was in Iran 2 months ago. It was far better safe than I though by TV. Yes Iran is not Egipt but I would just tell you a couple of (real) story, the first one is a bit sad. On November of 2001 I hear by news that a couple of Italian people, just gotten married, with a reservation for Egipt for their honeymoon, but, eventually, they change their destination to Scandinavian peninsula because afraid about safety after sept. 11th. Unfortunately their plane, during taking off in Milan, crashed and they died :-( They would be alive if they didn't chance their destination! This is a sad real story! The second one is about me: 3 years ago I was going to go to South Africa (traveling alone) but I was near to give up my trip after read lots of bad advices about safety in S.A.. Finally I decided not change my plans and just pay attention: now I'm more than happy I went to S.A.

Colleen, what I mean is that often TV get you wrong idea about things and place and the fate is unpredictable. Egipt is a great tourist destination so don't let mass-media change your live and feeling just be carefull not less you would do in other countries and see with your own eyes what is the situation there. I don't think it is more dangerous than it could be before Sept. 11th.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy