Subject: Re: Giverny train times
Helio, I found my brochure from SNCF that the ticket seller at Gare Saint Lazare gave me.

Train times are for weekdays 30 March - October 2002:

Depart Paris 8:16, 11:03, 12:04 and 14:23.

Saturdays at 8:39, 12:04, 13:45, 14:23.

Sundays and public holidays:

Depart Paris 8:06, 9:32, 10:44, 14:25.

The bus meets the train, for example, there is a 9:15 bus from Vernon (Train station) to Giverny arriving at 9:30.

>From Giverny,

buses at 14:10, 17:15, 18:55 with arrivals in Paris at 15:44, 18:48 and 20: 10. Saturday buses at 14:10, 17:15. No extra bus scheduled for the 18:43 train. Sunday buses at 14:45, 16:45, 17:25.

Bike rental possible at Vernon Station.

Train fare 1st class round trip 31, 40 euros; 2nd class 21 euros.

Taxi during the week is 10 euros for 1-3 people with an extra euro for the fourth person. A few euros more on Sundays.

Bus fare, 1 way, was 1, 90 euros.

Entry to the Foundation 5 euros.

Trains are crowded sometimes because it comes from the coastal towns.

You can reserve seats for non-TGV trains - for a few euros. If standing is definitely a problem, ask about that. Take a look at the sncf train page - this is a new service. Go to Select flag for English and select Passenger's Guide from the grey box.

> Why reserve?
> Reservation is mandatory for TGV rail services and is included in the
> price of tickets. It is also obligatory for group travel, access to
> certain types of carriages and on-board services such as the JVS
> unaccompanied minor escort service, family compartments, etc.).
> On other SNCF rail services, reservation guarantees your seat's
> availability for 1.5 #(1) and entitles you to reserve seating in a
> smoking/non-smoking coach, in a compartment or a coach with central aisle
> subject to seating availability.

Hope this helps.

Frances Toronto, Canada