Subject: Re: Hotels in Sicily
Hello Jim and Kathleen,

I hope nobody will take offense, but Corleone isn't a great place to stay. While I understand your search for your roots, I'd suggest you to stay at a more attractive place and tour from there, as all that area is where the mafia was always at his strongest and therefore it isn't really developed. I'm sure Palermo has many accomodations, but driving in and out of town is a bit complicated and somewhat dangerous because of heavy traffic. Monreale has the wonderful Duomo, but nothing else in my opinion. A good place to stay not far from there are the beach resorts like San Vito LO Capo, very neat little town, and Castellamare del Golfo. I have been a bit further west, in Bonagia, about one hour from Palermo, and loved the Hotel Tonnara di Bonagia Hope this helps Paolo Trieste, Italy