Subject: Re: Paris in April
Dear Sylvie,

We were in Paris on Good Friday and everything was open for business, except the Museum Carnavalet was closed for Easter Sunday. We went for a boat ride, through the Jewish section of the Marais, where things were so lively we could hardly walk down the street, and wandered through some parks and gardens. We left on Easter Monday, but purchased a picnic at Dallyou (sp?) which was open, though lots of shops and restaurants we walked by were closed.

Sandy of the Zine was there for Easter Monday and maybe she can be more helpful.

Watch out for crowds. It seems that everyone loves Paris at Easter break. We could hardly walk the Montmartre on Easter Saturday for all the people. We grabbed a cab to escape.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh (but for less than 24 hours! England here we come)