Subject: Re: Scopolamine patch?
Hello Fellow Sailors:

Having sailed for some time now, I understand that the Scopolamine patch has been a boon for sailors for years. Unlike Dramamine or its compatriot, Bonine, it purportedly does not induce sleepiness. The alleged downside of Scopolamine is a suspected tendency to induce hallucinations in tired individuals, but much of the evidence has been anecdotal. I have had guests use it on my sailboat and it seemed to work. I am always alert to the safety of my guests and those who use the patch have given me heightened awareness for it has been suspected in the loss of solo circumnavigators, but I don't think that anything has been proven yet. I have the benefit of not being prone to motion sickness, but I would strongly suggest a call to your physician before using it. As an alternative you might consider the wristbands. Another anecdotal story: I had a friend whose wife really suffered from his bouts at sea on his sailboat. She used the bands at the suggestion of her dentist and has not been seasick since that point. Finally, motion sickness can strike anyone. I have found that in a vehicle, grab the front seat, open the window, stare at the horizon and eat Saltines.