Subject: Re: Bali recommendations?
Hi Ya'll (Marghe and Marty) from Texas,

How I'd love to visit your country. Maybe someday if I live long enough. As for Bali, you will love it. I'm more than ten years away from my last visit, so specifics wouldn't be very helpful. We stayed at the Royal Hyatt and found it quite nice, but anything could have happened since then. The scenery, of course, is marvelous, and we found that once we left the hotel grounds the villages seemed very natural and primitive and the people very friendly. The flowers were not to be believed.

It was quite interesting the way the various artists seemed to cluster together so that one village was mostly wood carvers (at that time, beautiful work was quite reasonable), another focused predominantly on handmade jewelry, and another on paintings. Perhaps, they just commercialized so skillfully that it seemed a natural evolution to us. I loved watching them make the batik fabrics, which just called out to be taken home in my luggage. Some of the natives had a Night Market in the hotel grounds one evening, and we bought exquisite shells for almost nothing that I still enjoy -- one I had a fitting added to, and I still wear it on a gold necklace.

I envy you the visit and look forward to your travelogue. Wish I could be more helpful.

Happy journeys always,

Lou (in hot, humid TX)