Subject: Introduction - New Member in North Carolina
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Greetings Fellow Travelers:

I'm a Late (Travel) Bloomer having taken my first trip to Europe in 2000. My destination was Portugal where I stayed for two weeks in Sintra. My friend and I used Sintra as a home-base and traveled by auto and train to surrounding areas. We enjoyed being able to sleep in the same bed every night without having to pack and unpack more than one time. I loved Portugal and plan to return one day for another look and further exploration in the North. Prior to Portugal, any international travel had been to Canada and Mexico. My first trip to Mexico was when I was 14 years old. Our High School Spanish Club took the train from Detroit, Michigan to Monterey, Mexico. I have been hooked on travel ever since. This April 2002 my friend and I ventured off to Europe again. This time our destination was Belgium. We stayed for three weeks in Brugge, Belgium; using this charming city as our home-base. No auto this time. We relied strictly on trains, bikes, trams, boats, and our feet. My Travel Wish List is as follows: Ireland, Florence &other areas in Tuscany, Athens, Berlin, and a return to Belgium. We have decided that any trip for less than 3 weeks is not worth it given the high cost of plane fares. I look forward to communicating and making some new travel friends through this wonderful service; TheTravelzine. Thank you Don and Linda. Kind regards, Margo North Carolina